Black Bay Peninsula Hiking Trail
A Girl Scout Gold Award Project
With: Lake Vermilion Resort Association and Frankie Longfellow

  • A wilderness hiking trail with two benches
    for resting and wild life observing.

  • The hiking trail is 2 miles long with some
    difficult terrain.

  • The hiking trail goes along the lake shore
    then heads farther back into the woods then by a
    beaver pond up a ridge then along a winter road, a
    road that was used in the winter by loggers, then
    back into the woods and along the lake once again
    to end up back where you started.

  • The only way to get to the hiking rail is
    by water. There is a day use site and dock at the
    head of the trail.

  • In August, you can find raspberries and
    blueberries along the hiking trail.

  • Bench one: If you look across the beaver pond
    on the top of the limbless tree, you will see an
    osprey nest. If you look just below the bench in the
    beaver pond, you will see a path in the weeds: that
    is a beaver runway, the path the beaver takes to
    leave the pond. In the beaver pond, if you look to
    the right you will see a pile of logs covered with
    grass, that is the beaver lodge.

  • Bench two: This bench overlooks the lake.
    In the spring time the crappies come up close to
    shore in the pencil weeds to spawn.

    Bench Overlooking Beaver Pond

    Osprey Nest Overlooking the Pond

    Bench Overlooking Black Bay

    Boatdock and Shorelunch Site for the Hiking Trail

  • White Pine Plantation

    Blue Diamond Trail Markers

    Raspberries Along the Trail

    Scenic Overlook

    Some Tricky Footing

    And some fine grouse hunting!

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